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Creating a new earth since 1981.
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New Book: Rebels of Kindness!

Let's make kindness cool again!

Aaron’s new book and global kindness initiative, Rebels of Kindness, focuses on three major areas: kindness to self, kindness to others, and kindness to the planet.

The book not only challenges readers to find the “rebels” in their lives, but to become one themselves.
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Born in Michael Douglas’ basement, grew up on stage and in films as an extra/actor for multiple Hollywood films, PBS docs and a Super Bowl commercial; passion for comedy, drama, improv and musicals; voiceover actor for animated film/tv and a new podcast.


Author of multiple books, including the 18 time award-winning story Pacha’s Pajamas, which was also a #1 bestseller on Amazon! Aaron now writes for popular publications, narrative or branded content, tv/film productions and other story-based media serving purpose-driven campaigns.


Recording artist for 4 studio albums, including a 10X award-winning album featuring 80 + artists from every continent of the world; composer and lead writer for the theme song of “Kid Warrior”, HBO’s hit short film for the Climate Reality Project with Al Gore; frequent featured artist on other records or live shows.

Ableman has collaborated with some of the most innovative artists and luminaries of our generation, including U2, Sadghuru, Michael Franti, Joan Baez, KRS One, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Xiuhtezcatl, Reverend Michael Beckwith, Vandana Shiva, Cheech Marin and more.


“Through his profound service and creative genius, Aaron Ableman has uplifted the hearts & minds of hundreds of thousands of kids & families. Please join me in uplifting this authentic voice for humanity at a critical time!”
Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Author/Faith Leader
“Aaron Ableman is the real deal…full of heart, humor and artistic zeal. His skills and services span the gamut of media and entertainment when used for benevolent causes. His creative genius and heartfelt wonder for life transport a diverse but modern mainstream audience into the profound world of the living imagination.”
Dr. Cornel West
Author/TV Personality
“Aaron is one of the most naturally gifted creatives I’ve ever come across in the 30+ years I’ve been in the business of business, education, entertainment and publishing. His integrity, good heartedness and love for the craft has brought him around the world, collaborating with iconic artists, luminaries and organizations to bring dreams to life.”
Elana Yonah
Co-Founder of “Edutopia” with George Lucas
“Aaron Ableman’s renaissance work is a testament to the power of creativity when applied to the upliftment of children and families worldwide.”
Mona Polacca
International Council of Indigenous Grandmothers


Consulting and Partnerships.

Aaron's expertise extends beyond the arts. He offers comprehensive consulting for impact-oriented corporations, environmental campaigns, and artists seeking to deepen their engagement with diverse communities, families, and youth. Clients and partners include:

Aaron's Videos.


Below is a brief selection of Aaron’s music videos, branded content & short films.

Farmer's Market

This song is an ode to the farmworkers who raised Aaron and taught him to appreciate hard work, ethical commerce and good food.

Forest Nation

“Can you imagine a world where everyone grows their own trees?”

Conscious Planet

In service to the historic #savesoil initiative, Nanban Foundation teamed up with Aaron to produce a short musical film celebrating everyday solutions to our soil-food web crisis.

Butterfly Life

Talib Kweli and Ableman co-wrote and performed “Butterfly Life” with a children’s choir for the award-winning music, Pacha’s Pajamas.

Oh Say Can't You See

A musical storytelling piece that emphasizes the importance of voting, unity, and compassion in preserving democracies worldwide.

Aaron Ableman's Guided Meditation

Through this practice, he helps us cultivate shoshin, a word and concept from Zen Buddhism, meaning beginner's mind.